The Life-Changing Power of Gratitude

I finished production on Marc Reklau’s latest audio book, The Life Changing Power of Gratitude. It was an interesting book to read at the end of the year, as it inspired introspection on the useful and pleasing of my life. Pick up a copy. It will brighten your day.

The Productivity Revolution

The audiobook of Marc Reklau‘s title, The Productivity Revolution will be available soon, and I wanted to thank Marc for trusting me with his audiobook production.

It’s not often that I get to work on a project that makes a direct comment on the work I am doing, but that is exactly what happened while producing The Productivity Revolution.

Every day I was in the studio, Marc’s words were right before me, inviting me to question whether my work habits were as effective and efficient as they could be. This helped me notice some bad habits, and hopefully his book will do the same for you.

Outside the Wire in Blue

The latest title that I’ve narrated for Beacon Audiobooks, Oustide the Wire in Blue, is available now! This was a surprisingly interesting read. It gives an unusual perspective of the USA’s involvement in Afghanistan from the members of the “Law Enforcement Professional” program. Check it out for a view from the ground in a war zone.

New audiobook!

Nexhuman, by Francesco Verso, is available on Amazon and iTunes! It’s a bit like if Philip K. Dick rewrote Silent Spring.