New book for Marc Reklau!

I’m narrating a new audiobook by Marc Reklau. It’s called, Love Yourself First, and it’s about building habits that raise your self-esteem. His positive message always puts me in an inspiring mental space. I’m looking forward to producing it, and I hope you’ll enjoy listening!

Emma and Adam

On of my recent narrations for Beacon Audiobooks, Emma and Adam, is available on Audible and iTunes! This is a story about the months following a tragic accident that kills a New York man’s wife and child. I enjoyed the characters and plot. Check it out!

One down, one on deck!

I just finished another book about stoicism by James Harris, Epictetus’ Discourses. You can find it on Audible. And I just started narrating a horror/thriller title by Carrie Bates — more on that soon. The new vocal booth will be under way soon as well. Lots of good changes coming!