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As someone who creates things for people, this video is inspiring. It’s 70 minutes long, but it’s worth it.

It digests the complexities of creating things for people. I thought the most helpful ideas were:

– Make work you care about for people who care. Who do you want to work for? Who should you work for? Are you working for those people? If not, what can you change to meet those people?

– Make work for the smallest viable audience. In other words, you want to find the right people who need your work. Don’t try to make work for everybody, unless you want to make work for nobody.

– You need to fit your clients’ story. Depending on your industry, clients don’t care if you have the coolest tools or the nicest office, but they most certainly care if you produce the best work, however that is measured. Distinguish between what is important to your story and what is important to your clients’ story.

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