Recording Booth: Done!

The recording booth is done, and it sounds great! I’ll do a longer post about the details of building this booth, but I think building a booth is a great option for handy voiceover artists. My booth cuts out the ambient sounds and room acoustics that previously dogged my recordings, and it allows me to focus on creating characters, rather than worrying about the technical recording details. The materials cost less than $700 (USD) to build, which saves me thousands in overhead costs. It took about 30-35 hours of work to complete.

Here is an audio sample recorded in the booth, with no processing. Only normalization is applied:

I think there are cases in which you might not want to build a booth. For example, those who are making enough income that their time is better spent recording rather than building, or those who have no interest in taking on a relatively complex building project. I’ll write a more details build vs. buy post soon, but I wanted to provide a little information since I’m excited to have this new asset in production!

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