Sound Booths

One thing every voice over or audio production business needs is a quiet place to record. There are several solutions to this problem. Many companies make different types of sound booths. The problem with these prefabricated booths is their price. They cost thousands of dollars. For a fledgling voice over company, that is a steep cost, although it is essential to have a quiet place to do your work!

If you’re feeling saucy, one way to reduce the cost of a sound booth is to build your own. Fortunately, the Internet is brimming with good information on acoustics and building techniques that you can use to create your own custom sound booth. The company Acoustic Fields has many great videos on the topic, and with a little “Google-Fu”, you can find good information on how to build soundproof walls. Check the websites of building supply companies and standards organizations. With this information you can put together a good design for a sound booth. For example, this video shows a high-quality project. The Booth Junkie YouTube channel also has many good sound treatment ideas that are less ambitious than a complete “room within a room” sound booth.

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